Why Uganda is the Most Epic Tourism Destination in East Africa

Uganda is a dark horse of tourism in Africa as many people around the world do not much about it. However, when one takes a Uganda tour, he/she comes into consensus that Uganda is indeed the pearl of Africa that is compared to none in terms of flora and fauna in their natural setting. In Eastafrica Tanzania and Kenya might be the well known big guns in tourism safari due to their possession of the big five African animals i.e. lions, elephants, leopards, buffaloes and rhinos in the national parks and their counterpart Uganda has four animals out of the big five in the national park. nonetheless Uganda has more than the big five animals that is the great apes of the world that is the mountain gorillas and the chimpanzees, the wonderful bird species that are endemic to only the country and the magical tropical landscapes that are hold rolling hills flaunted with green cover sugarcoated by flowing streams and rivers.

Here are some of the highlights that make Uganda the most fascinating safari destination in East Africa:


  1. Make an eye contact with rare Mountain Gorillas

Visiting the mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable national park is the main reason as to why many tourists rank Uganda as the top tourism destination in east Africa. Bwindi impenetrable national park located in the southwestern part of the country is a home to about 420 mountain gorillas almost a half of the world’s population of mountain gorillas. these mountain gorillas are only found in three countries in the world that is Uganda, Rwanda and The DR.Congo but Uganda stand out most as the experience one gets while tracking the gorillas in Bwindi  as watch the gorillas in a very green world and with fascinating landscapes, flora and fauna to supplement the mountain gorillas.


  1. Meet the closest cousins of man- Chimpanzees

Uganda is not known for having only the gorillas as the greatest apes, there are also the chimpanzees that are found in Kibale forest national park and in Kyambura gorge at Queen Elizabeth National Park. The chimpanzees are the closest cousins of humanity. These are found in the tropical forests parts of the parks and can be seen on top of the trees as they occasionally come to the ground. As you watch the chimpanzees in Kibale forest national park, you get an opportunity of seeing other primates like the red tailed monkeys, vervet monkeys, grey cheeked mangabey, and black and white colobus among the special ones.


  1. Watch the Tropics birds

When it comes to birds no country in the world comes to Uganda, even on the streets of the big cities like Kampala, Entebbe, Mukono, Jinja, Mbale, Gulu and Mbarara one can fail to see a bird up in the skies, trees or streets while taking a walk or ride. Uganda is a home of about 1060 species of birds and a half of the species are endemic. Though one can see the birds everywhere in the country, there are those specific nature designed places where one can have a great birding experience. Birds are found in all the national parks of Uganda but queen Elizabeth national park and Bwindi impenetrable national park are the most ideal places for the bird watching and there are also other notable birding sites in Uganda that is Mabamba birding site, Bigodi wetland sanctuary, Lutembe beach and botanical gardens among the special places. Here are some of the fascinating birds, a visitor is much likely to see while in Uganda;  the rare and elusive shoebill, great blue turacos, cattle egret, goliath heron, yellow billed stork, greater cormorant, black crowned night heron, black kite, African eagle fish, augur buzzard, African green pigeons, helmeted guinea fowl and the created cranes which is Uganda emblem as seen in middle of the Uganda national flag among the special birds available in Uganda.


  1. Encounter the medley of wonders- Queen Elizabeth National Park


Queen Elizabeth national park is the most popular wildlife gem in Uganda and it is famously known as the medley of wonder. Taking a trip to Queen Elizabeth national park would sum up almost every experience or animal the visitor would encounter in Uganda. The park is known as the big five animals national park although it has four of the animals that is the elephants, buffaloes, leopards and the lions but what wants makes this parks so magnificent is the clarity and ease at which the visitor watches the animals. a game drive in the Mweya sector and Ishasha gives one an opportunity to watch these wonderful marauding, relaxing and grazing around the park. There is also a boat experience at the Kazinga channel that connects of the two of the many great lakes in Uganda that is Lake Edward and George. The boat ride gives the visitor an opportunity of experiencing serene sea bliss as he/she watches the aquatic lives which include the hippos, crocodiles, water birds and the elephants and the buffaloes as they quench the thirst at the shores of the channel.

  1. Enjoy the foods and tropical fruits of Uganda

As any visitor drops in any restaurant in Uganda, he/she won’t even take a minute minus hearing a word matooke coming from a customer or a waiter in the restaurant. Matooke is the staple food in Uganda and there are green bananas but only edible when steamed. While on the Uganda safari tour, the visitor easily spots the matooke plantain along the roads as very many people in Uganda grow them. Back to the delicacy side of them, these plantains as so delicious and anyone can never regret tasting them.

There are also other edibles that can be enjoyed in Uganda, like the Uganda rolex which was ranked among the top ten African delicacies by CNN in 2016. A rolex is normally a chapatti rolled with eggs, tomatoes and onions.

Uganda also possesses the greatest tropical fruits that are the sugarcanes, pineapples and the mangoes. These are commonly sold by vendors along the highways and also in some restaurants. These are fruits are always fresh from the organic gardens of Uganda farmers. Always enjoy them as you traverse through different tourism destination in your 4×4 car hire Uganda vehicle.

  1. Make stopover at the midpoint of earth the equator

The earth revolves on axis and there are lines that run through to support it as it rolls around. These lines are the longitudes, latitude and the equator. The equator is the line that cross cuts the earth and it is the midpoint of it. Have you ever imagined being exactly in the midpoint of the earth, come to Uganda and make a stopover at the equator point along Masaka road. Take photos, buy curios and also observe the water experiment that proves that it is really the equator point.

Nowadays, Uganda can be best encountered by a hiring a 4×4 car rental Uganda to embark on a self guide tour where you visit the above amazing attraction on your own without any intrusion and restricted guidelines from the safari guide.




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