Day Trips.

Day trips in Entebbe town, Uganda. Entebbe town has quite a number of optional activities that can be added on your itinerary at the beginning or end of your safari especially for tourists staying in hotels and guest houses in Entebbe.
Mamba Swamp.
Best place to see the shoebill, Mabamba Swamp is located west of Entebbe. After just a few minutes in a canoe boat through the papyrus reed into grassy wetlands where a number of shoebill can regular be seen. The shoebill can easiest be seen in the morning when they stalk their main prey the mudfish and frogs. They usually stand absolutely still for long periods awaiting the movements of their prey and then attack with a marvellous speed.

Ngamba Island boat excursions and trips.

The day trips to Ngamba Island depart in the morning at 8:45 am and in the afternoon at 12:45pm every day of the week. Ngamba excursions are about orphaned chimpanzee that are rescued from wildlife traffickers and rehabilitated at Ngamba Island. While at the Island one gets an opportunity to listen to an informative talk from one of the care givers and also view the chimpanzee feeding process.

Day visit to UWEC Zoo, Entebbe.

Commonly known as ‘Entebbe Zoo,’ Uganda Wildlife Education Centre started as a Zoo but was later upgraded to a Wildlife Education Centre. Most recused animals would be brought to Entebbe UWEC Zoo and due to the need of educating the population about conservation it was upgraded to a Wildlife Education Centre. Where tourism is combined with learning to conserve wildlife in Uganda. Entebbe Zoo is so popularly to Uganda and foreigners’ as it has many interesting affordable activities that can be done by visitors for example, general guided tour around UWEC, behind the scene programme, forest trail, keeper for a day, and chimpanzee close up 9get in touch with us for more information requirement and arrangement of some of these activities get in touch with us in advance.

Kampala City.

Kampala the capital and commercial city of the republic of Uganda is a very friendly, hospitable and interesting city to tour. Our Kampala city has a variety of trails and the option you go for will definitely offer you want you want.
Culture Trail –This is for tourists who are interested in Buganda culture, it takes you through Kassubi tombs, Lubiri ceremonial palace, Mengo which is the parliament of Buganda Kingdom and Nagalabi which is the coronation ground for Buganda Kingdom as well.

Uganda Museum.

Located in the centre, Uganda museum offers a comprehensive cultural collections of Uganda. It has the record of having the largest collection of ethnographic materials in the whole of Africa. A tour to the Uganda museum will expose you to other departments like The Natural History of Uganda Ethnography, Musicology and archaeology and Stone Age sites in Uganda. Those interested in tracing its history, there is a trail starting from Old Kampala, where the first museum was established before moving it to Makerere University and then to its current location along Kiira road Plot 54.

Kamapala Tour –City Markets.

Kampala tour makes it possible to visit the local markets. It’s an interesting experience to explore the local city markets on foot. Popular city markets include: Nakasero and Balikudedde markets. It is exciting to discover how traders dealing in fresh fruits, vegetables, food stuffs and other merchandize conduct business in very congested places of work. The traders are always hospitable, friendly and welcoming.

Temples, Cathedrals and Mosques – Kamapala city tour.

Uganda is a religious country with many denominations. If interested in religion com visit cathedrals on our Kampala city tour. All cathedrals are strategically located on hills and these include: Namirembe cathedral, Lubaga cathedral, Nsambya among others. During the tour you can also visit the Bahaia Temple and mosques if time allows.
Those interested in politics, can visit the parliament of Uganda and for shopping Kampala offers many options where you can shop your souvenirs. Contact us to add Kampala city tour on your safari.

Jinja Tour.

Jinja town is also another place that you can visit in one day. It can be visited from Entebbe or Kampala depending on where you are staying. The drive might take you two hours is more depending on the traffic jam en route. Jinja tour include a visit to Mabira forest, Ssezibwa falls, source of the Nile and White water rafting.

Mabira Forest.

It is the only remaining natural low land tropical rainforest in Central Uganda. Under controversy two years ago when the government wanted to give it away to sugar growers. Mabira forest remains one of the leading tourism site for nature and forest walks to see birds and primates.

Jinja source of the Nile.

Jinja source of the Nile day trip is meant for those that have a full day to spend before or after their tour to see the source of the Nile. The source of the Nile is appoint where River Nile starts its long journey to Mediterranean Sea. By visiting the source of the Nile you will see the source of the longest River on Planet earth and also the largest fresh water in Africa.

White water rafting –Jinja.

White water rafting at River Nile in Jinja is one of the greatest tourism adventure activities in the world. Arguably the longest river in the world the Nile starts its journey from Lake Victoria in Uganda with calmness but as it flows through Uganda to the north of Africa it forms vigorous and exciting waterfalls, tides and rapids. Having 6 grade rapids, rafting at the river Nile is every adventurous traveler’s dream to encounter. The epic experience of maneuvering huge waves and tides, flying off waterfalls and dodging off the huge rocks in the wild waters is something you can never get enough of and after completion of the rafting activity there is always that feeling of self satisfaction of overcoming one of the hardest water challenges in the world.

Due to the removal of Bugali falls, Itanda falls is now the ideal place for whitewater rafting at the Nile. This is a part of the Nile that is blessed with marvelous rapids to make the rafting magic happen. It has three grades of rapids that is grade 6, 5 and 4 however, grade 6 is the most dreadful and even the local fishermen cherish it. This wonderful stretch of the Nile, Itanda falls is the epitome of whitewater rafting in the world.